Trilogy Partners Affiliates with Haefele Flanagan

by on Jan 11, 2021 10:55 AM

Trilogy Partners with Haefele Flanagan

Trilogy Partners is excited to announce our new affiliation with Haefele Flanagan, an expert accounting and advisory firm, with a goal of providing complementary services for the benefit of their combined client base.

Haefele Flanagan’s expertise is in accounting and advisory services. The firm was founded over 50 years ago and provides a wide range of accounting, audit, assurance, and tax services to a diversified clientele in a variety of industries.

With Trilogy’s focus on strategy, leadership, people, and culture, we use a business’s numbers to see the story they tell, and then we use our expertise to guide them to sustainable growth. Haefele Flanagan prides itself on helping businesses thrive through hands-on accounting support. Combined, our two firms will embrace the top line, the bottom line, and every business issue in between.

This affiliation will provide stronger outcomes for clients, whom now have access to holistic business advisory services from strategy through finance. It’s clear that the expertise from each firm complements the other.

Please join us in celebrating two industry leaders now affiliating to provide complementary services for the benefit of our clients, and take a look at our short video, which encapsulates the plan.

Feel free to contact us and we can talk about how Haefele Flanagan can help you grow, with us right by their side.