Hear what our clients have to say:

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“I was impressed with the experience represented by Trilogy’s Alliance Partners. Each brought a unique perspective about developing company culture while building solid business practices. Finding that balance is so hard to do yet Trilogy was able to make it happen for us.”

Larry Weiss, President – Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office

“They are there with us in terms of planning things, they are there with us in terms of implementing things, they are there to be honest about whether we are making any progress or not, and they are interested in seeing us be successful over the long term.”

Tom Blatner, President and CEO – Janus Solutions

“With Trilogy, we reduced the time of achieving our vision from 6 months to a year earlier than expected…we are more disciplined, focused, and organized, and we are becoming more accurate. We have accelerated the change. We are switching from being busy to being productive, and we know the difference.”

Paul Neuman, Chief Inspiration Officer –  Neuman’s Kitchen Events & Catering

“Trilogy is that rare breed that wants their clients to succeed. They are a sounding board with experience who will tell you the hard, essential truth. They will help take us to the next level.”

Vladimir St. Phard, President –  Customized Benefit Solutions, Inc.

“Hal Levenson and Trilogy has been very instrumental in the success of my company Owner transition.  He guided me through the initial transition and with his Alliance Partners assistance, we immediately had unprecedented growth.  There is no question hiring Trilogy was the best decision I ever made.”

Allen Roth, President – Joseph B Callahan, Inc.

“We were stuck, we plateau’d…we were not experiencing sustainable growth. Trilogy has helped us establish a system (EOS®) to organize, manage and hold people accountable with everyone understanding what our goals are and what their responsibilities are…our growth has exceeded our own expectations with Trilogy.”

Michael Rosen, President and CEO – Commercial Cleaning Corporation

“Trilogy gets to know your business and gets a deep understanding of the challenges you are facing…they work with you to come up with solutions and guide you along the way.”

Susan Meell, CEO – MMS Education, Inc.

“I have trusted Trilogy for multiple projects and engagements. The results were consistent and predictably excellent. Our Alliance Partner engaged with PAC (Professional Audio Consultants) to help structure an improved communication process between my top two managers and myself. Delivery exceeded promise and the results were immediately noticeable.”

Ralph Tarnofsky, President – Professional Audio Consultants

“As we’ve continued to add people, it was very hard to maintain the original work life balance and culture. Trilogy has been tremendously impactful at rallying the new members of our team and bring them on board with the culture of the organization…it’s been a success and we feel really good about that.”

Ken Rosenberg, President – Atlas Print Solutions, Inc.