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Sales and Workflow Dashboards Improve Processes and Accountability

by on Nov 14, 2019 12:06 PM

Sales and Workflow Dashboards

Sales and workflow dashboards are a great way to keep employees on task while providing real time insights for management. That’s why I can’t believe I am admitting this, but I only recently created a sales dashboard for my company. Sales and workflow dashboards are a collection of data that provide an overview of the reports and metrics that you care most about. Don’t get me wrong, we use an EOS® Scorecard with metrics which we review each week. However, customizing a dashboard from the data in our project management tool monday.com has been a real game changer for us. We now can review in one place information such as:

  •  # of leads in the sales pipeline
  •  Source of leads (Referrals, Marketing, etc.)
  •  Revenue generated YTD
  •  # of current engagements
  •  % of goals achieved

The data displayed in the various types of charts and graphs are all in real time. By having this data at our fingertips, we can easily re-direct our focus and understand what is and isn’t working. The dashboard also solidifies what we felt intuitively but couldn’t verify. No matter if your dashboard is geared toward sales, customer service or financials, it’s worth taking the time and effort to find the right tool and build it.

I started to ponder what my hesitance was to build a dashboard. I certainly knew the importance of gathering, measuring and analyzing data. I then realized the obvious – we didn’t have an automated mechanism to gather the data so I became complacent thinking that the Scorecard was enough. Now that we have a system to hold and track pertinent information in one place, I understand what Trilogy Partners was missing. I’m grateful that I found software that works for us and tailors to our needs as an organization.

My advice is to take the leap and build your sales and workflow dashboards especially with the new year coming. No matter what system you choose, make sure you are gathering the information that matters most to your company. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of dashboards or monday.com, contact us for a free consultation.

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Andrea Grubb is the Chief Integrator Officer at Trilogy Partners. Trilogy Partners is an advisory & implementation firm whose mission is to help companies grow and transform.  We accomplish this by focusing on 3 critical business areas: Financial, Strategy & People