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Utilizing the Power of Choice in Business

by on Dec 5, 2019 10:52 AM

Utilizing the Power of Choice in Business

Let’s examine the power of choice as it relates to our business and personal lives. One of the greatest benefits of my business is that I get to work with talented people who are part of Trilogy’s Alliance Partner team. Our seasoned Alliance Partners deliver high-touch, quality, personal service to support our clients’ needs. I’m excited to share my thoughts on The Power of Choice written by Denise Yosafat, a member of our team.

Making choices in one’s life can be daunting. I’ve seen people, including myself, stall at moving forward out of fear of possible repercussions. In business, especially, making the wrong choice can be devastating. So how do you get over the fear while ensuring that your choice is sound?

In her book, Denise surmises that making a choice involves a process of logical steps which ironically spell the word CHOICE. By stepping through each one, she contends that people can gain confidence and assuredness in their decision making.

6 Steps in the Power of Choice

C: Conscious of the problem you want to solve or change you want to make, and WHY

H: Hopeful of what you want to achieve

O: Open to different ways to do it

I: Informed about the different possibilities

C: Conclusive of what possibilities to pursue

E: Executed into action, tracked, and adjusted as needed

By using these steps, one can shift perspective and achieve the power to make the choice rather than experience fear and anxiety from the choice.

I found this process to be intriguing so I practiced it with a recent difficult business decision. The steps allowed me to see where I would normally get “stuck.” I was able to break the habit and move forward feeling empowered. What a powerful tool to use.

If you are interested in learning more and/or purchasing The Power of Choice, contact Trilogy Partners at https://gettrilogypartners.com/contact/

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