Sustaining Accountability within Your Organization

by on Nov 27, 2019 12:29 PM

Sustaining Accountability within Your Organization

Let’s look at some tactics for sustaining accountability within your organization. I’ve written before about the importance of Accountability. Everyone seems to know what it means in theory but putting it into practice is another story.

Below are four key tips to sustaining accountability that organizational leadership must follow:

Trust and trustworthiness – Trust is a two-way street: Being worthy of someone’s trust and taking steps to trust someone. One does not truly exist without the other. And, they form the foundation upon which accountability can be built. It takes time to build trust but without it, an organization cannot evolve.

Open and honest dialog – Having a dialog that gets to the point, stated in a respectful manner and staying focused on the issue and not the person are roots for trust. Add in subject knowledge and a productive dialog can take place.

Clear goals – Accountable teams know their purpose and the expected result. Goals need to be well established, understood, accepted, attainable (perhaps with some stretching!) and measurable. Let’s not forget the “by when”. Every team member must be clear about deadlines.

Role clarity – Accountable organizations ensure every member of the team has a clear role defined and understood by all. When clarity is in place, other team members can move fast because they are confident that their colleague(s) will perform to the known and accepted level of performance.

Sustaining Accountability takes effort, time and perseverance. You need to be up for the challenge and even though the journey never ends, I guarantee your organization will be better for it. Interested in sustaining accountability within your organization? Schedule your free consultation to learn more.

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