We are struggling to keep up with our growth.

  • Are your employees, processes and technology no longer adequate?
  • Are you making financial and operational decisions on the fly?
  • Is your customer service suffering?

Growth is exciting and stressful. Whether through a merger, acquisition or organic growth, a business that grows too fast can face intense pressure. Owners may lose track of finances and inventory control or experience a cash flow crisis as demand for products increase. Other dangers include an intense pressure on company resources, a breakdown of process, outdated technology, unsatisfactory customer service, and morale issues.

Trilogy Partners can help you navigate the dangers that often accompany growth. We help you understand the cause for growth and work with you to strengthen your financial position. A strategic roadmap will create your plan for the next 3-5 years, addressing the areas of your business and infrastructure that need to grow at the same pace to create a profitable and sustainable organization.

“Had we not used Trilogy, we would have struggled more, our profitability would have been less, and we would not have sustainable growth. Our growth has exceeded our own expectations with Trilogy.”

Michael Rosen, President and CEO – Commercial Cleaning Corporation