Staying Focused for Success in Business

by on Jan 2, 2020 10:32 AM

Staying Focused for Success in Business

I’m often asked about the secret to success in business. I’m tempted to run off a list of points like understanding your financials, finding a mentor, taking calculated risks, filling a need in the marketplace, etc. While those elements have undoubtedly helped in my 30 years of entrepreneurship, the secret to me is a simple concept – Staying Focused.

Staying focused is a simple concept, but adhering to it is another story.

As a Visionary and Entrepreneur, I naturally generate new ideas each day. These ideas are not burdensome to me, in fact, I thrive on them. I truly believe that each one has merit and would love to see my concepts come to light. More idea generation means more forward movement and growth. Makes sense, right?

This is where it gets tricky…it took me a while, but I ultimately came to recognize that movement does not necessarily equate to forward, positive momentum. If my team acted on all my ideas, chaos would ensue, and we’d be constantly running in circles. Instead, advancing a business forward requires a “heads down focus” approach.

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you’re NOT staying focused:

1. Believing your business can be everything to everyone.
2. Initiatives falling by the wayside within months of completion.
3. Constantly searching for the next big “hit” for your business.
4. Noticing that your employees shrink each time you offer up an idea. (I’m only partially joking.)

Does that sound like you?

At Trilogy Partners, we know that falling off course can be quite easy to do. That’s why my team & I ask the same question in a group meeting every Monday morning: “What did I do last week to help the company achieve its annual goals?” Everyone, including me, is held accountable and expected to list their actions. It’s an effective tool that keeps us honest and more importantly reminds us to keep focused.

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