Our Company

Trilogy Partners founder and former CPA, Hal Levenson, spent several years in his accounting practice helping small and medium-sized companies, in the New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia area. An entrepreneur himself, Hal is passionate about the contributions that entrepreneurs make to economic growth, standard of living, skill advancement, and community development. Yet, in his years in accounting, Levenson saw the frustration of CEOs trying to align business objectives with personal goals. He noticed that so many businesses seemed stuck. Employees at most every level were putting in long hours and working exceptionally hard just to get an edge on a competitor, keep up with technology or handle sensitive personnel issues.

When organizations attempt to carry out major business functions without the required skills and behaviors, it creates a great and unnecessary challenge and slows business growth. For so many companies, simply juggling the day-to-day demands is all they can do to stay competitive.

Levenson founded Trilogy Partners in 2009 to provide these businesses and their CEOs with the direction, planning, and financial advice that they need. He formed a team of experienced C-Suite advisors, called Alliance Partners, who could help entrepreneurs implement their vision.

Our goal has always been to work with proactive business leaders and executives who want to grow and improve their business and seek practical experience, without the added expense of more full-time employees. When you engage with Trilogy, you gain access to a network of professionals who are committed to your success.

Trilogy’s decade of success can be attributed to the commitment of our internal team, the depth and wisdom of our Alliance Partners, the strong relationships we build with our clients and strategic partners AND our primary differentiator: we won’t just deliver a solution, we walk with you to ensure the plan is implemented and results are achieved.

We invite you to have a look at some of our client success stories here, and see the difference that Trilogy Partners can make for your business.