NOT Just Another Manic Monday with EOS®

by on Sep 15, 2020 2:32 PM

NOT Just Another Manic Monday with EOS®

I have the best memories of growing up in the 1980s. The trends (big hair, shoulder pads, leotards with legwarmers), high school football games (Go SPFHS Raiders!), iconic movies (Breakfast Club, Top Gun, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) and of course, the timeless music (Dancing in the Dark, Livin’ on a Prayer, Don’t Stop Believin’)!

One song from the ‘80s that is still popular today is Manic Monday by The Bangles. How many memes are centered around the dreaded Sunday night, the prelude to Manic Monday? And while I often felt that way in the past, I no longer have that sense of dread since I started working at Trilogy Partners. Why not? Because Trilogy practices EOS®, The Entrepreneurial Operating System™, a set of simple concepts and tools that helps our company gain better vision, traction, and oversight while improving communication and accountability.

Every Monday morning, we start our week with a Level 10, an EOS® term for our 90-minute meeting. This meeting starts on time, ends on time, and follows the same agenda each week. We start with Segue, five minutes to focus and hear good news from our team. Then, we look at our Scorecard that provides transparency on key performance indicators and identifies potential issues. We review our quarterly ROCKS (Goals), share Prospect & Employee Headlines and review our To Do List, as it relates to achieving our ROCKS. Most of our time is dedicated to IDS (Identify/Discuss/Solve), a method to solve issues. Lastly, we conclude, and rank the meeting for productivity and effectiveness on a scale of 1-10. Then we all hit the ground running, knowing exactly what our priorities are for the week ahead.

For some, this may seem rigid but here are just some of the reasons I thrive working at an EOS® company:

1) I am more engaged and feel like an integral member of the team; we have transparency, so I understand why decisions are made and their potential impact.

2) Roles are clear and expectations are understood; this allows me to focus on my most critical To Do’s and hold my colleagues accountable for theirs.

3) Issues do not linger for weeks and months on end; using IDS, we are collaborative, decisive, and everyone knows their role.

4) Two-way communication and respectful conflict move the company in a forward direction, and I feel safe sharing my opinions without retaliation.

5) We plan as a team, collaborate as a team, overcome obstacles as a team, and celebrate as a team.

I’ve long been an advocate for improving employee engagement and corporate culture, but it is far more difficult to accomplish than one might think. EOS® answers the “HOW” to achieve growth and business success while increasing focus and enjoyment.

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