Modifying Your Business Operations During a Crisis

by on Mar 25, 2020 10:13 AM

Modifying Your Business Operations During a Crisis

Let’s talk about how are you are modifying your business operations during the COVID-19 crisis. What a difference just a few short weeks can make. Prior to January 2020, when completing strategic plans with our clients, no one could have imagined including a global pandemic crisis as part of a SWOT analysis. However, this is what we face as a nation and now is the time to adjust appropriately. Business owners, including me, all need a plan to minimize disruption and keep our organizations moving forward.

The legal professionals at Norris McLaughlin P.A. created a useful and practical tool, a sample emergency crisis response checklist that may be used as a template for your organization. The checklist includes considerations from five critical business areas:

  1. Employee & Staffing
  2. Business Operations
  3. Financial & Accounting
  4. Customers
  5. Supply Chain

While some of their points may be in hindsight, this checklist highlights gaps for future crises and areas that we can begin to deal with NOW so we are proactively prepared for future challenges.

I hope that you can take this information and successfully apply it to your business. If Trilogy can provide guidance as you navigate these unchartered waters or if you need a resource for legal counsel, contact me at or at 609-688-0428 x12.

We can get through this together.

To read Norris McLaughlin’s Checklist for Adapting Business Operations Due to Coronavirus, click HERE.


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