Measuring Your Success – Are You Too Hard on Yourself?

by on Jan 6, 2021 10:58 AM

Measuring Your Success - Are You too Hard on Yourself

When measuring success, are you being too hard on yourself? As we kick off a new year, what goals do you have for your business: Increased sales? More production? A robust bottom line? Improved employee morale? Larger bonuses? Superior customer service? Creative marketing and branding? Growth, growth, growth?

As an entrepreneurial business owner, the list doesn’t seem to end when envisioning your success. It’s the ultimate goal and striving for greatness is as natural as breathing. For 30 years, I have passionately pushed my companies forward hoping to achieve excellence. And for 30 years, I’ve struggled with disappointment.

Don’t get me wrong; by all accounts the companies I have led and been affiliated with have been profitable and made a difference in countless lives. And I make it a point to celebrate the wins with my team. What I feel internally doesn’t manifest from the numbers, nor the service offering, nor the employees. It stems solely within me. It’s taken me a while to admit it, but I’m too hard on myself. How about you?

When I think about measuring your success, figures come to mind like Tiger Woods, Thomas Edison, and Steve Jobs.

But consider the following:

1. Tiger Woods has only hit 20 holes in one since the age of 6. He is now 45.
2. Thomas Edison and his team of researchers tested more than 3,000 designs for the lightbulb before coming up with the final product.
3. Remember Apple Lisa, Macintosh TV, the Apple III or Powermac g4 cube? Neither do I. These are some of Steve Jobs’ product failures.

Each of these people are legendary yet they didn’t succeed all of the time.

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