Manufacturer of machines and displays/exhibits for trade shows and businesses.


The client engaged Trilogy Partners to help with a variety of issues. The company was losing money, had little cash and did not have good financial processes. One client represented more than 30% of their revenue creating too much risk. Their unique differentiator was manufacturing machines and they unsuccessfully tried to enter other markets without the infrastructure and cash flow to compete. The owner recognized, but did not want to address, the incompetence and dishonesty of his management team. Finally, the business relocated into a new building and the owner wanted to fix and expand while retaining their original space.

Trilogy Guided Solutions


  •  Secured accurate financial information to conduct a full financial review to improve profitability and the bottom line.


  • Suggested selling the new building and shrinking the company to address the bottom line.
  • Formed an advisory team to offer strategic advice to owner.


  • Coaching for owner and his wife to create change that would bring positive results.


  • Trilogy helped recapture over $150,000 embezzled by an employee.
  • Trilogy assisted with hiring an experienced controller who could provide timely and accurate reports to drive decision-making.
  • The advisory team guided the owner and was able to get the current financial institution to allow time to get the company’s financing in order.
  • Trilogy found an investor to put substantial funds into the company.
  • Proceeds from sale of new building were invested and existing debt was refinanced, saving thousands.
  • The leaner company became profitable.
  • The owner and his wife were able to get value from the original manufacturing line and rent from their original building so they could retire comfortably.