How to React During a Business Crisis

by on Mar 18, 2020 11:59 AM

How to React During a Business Crisis

Let’s explore how to react during a business crisis. Irony can be a funny thing. I was prepared to publish a blog this week on Selective Exposure and how it relates to business consulting. With the Coronavirus front of mind, it dawned on me that my blog may be taken out of context for those who are unfamiliar with the term and definition so instead, I’ve chosen to go down a different path to convey a message about something I call Selective Reactions. (For those in the world of chemistry, it’s not what you think.)

These are strange times, indeed. In a matter of days, our lives have shifted and I’m sure you’ve received countless emails, articles and postings on how to handle it all. As a result of the health crisis, businesses are being asked to close, industries are weakening, and the stock market is plummeting. If there was ever the time to panic, some would say, it is now.

It’s OK to React During a Business Crisis

I’m not going to lecture anyone and say, “Don’t Panic” for that would be dismissive of the stress that is palpable within each of us. What I will say is that we can selectively react to the pressure we are under. In other words, we can choose to take what we’re feeling and become angry, scared, dismissive, calm, contrary, opportunistic, curious, overwhelmed, focused, reflective, FILL IN THE BLANK, etc. It may not appear like we currently have much authority in our lives, but we always have control over our reactions to the circumstances we face. Just as important, our reactions have a direct correlation over the action or inaction steps we take.

If you’re a business owner braving tough times right now, I urge you to be aware of your state of mind and take a moment to select how you wish to counter. It’s natural to have a flux of emotions but what you do with them can make all the difference for you, your company and team.

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