Family Owned Insurance Agency

Borden Perlman Insurance

A privately held, multi-generation, family-owned insurance agency serving individuals and organizations for over 50 years.


The company is growing and engaged Trilogy Partners to address three immediate concerns:

  1. As partners begin to consider a transition to their respective next generation, roles and responsibilities need to be defined so that they are well positioned to step in at the appropriate time.
  2. Following an acquisition for a new line of business, they sought help to integrate the two offices, improve communications in and between offices, and promote behavior to increase sales and improve client retention.
  3. How to position high-potential individuals to take on new roles and responsibilities.

Trilogy Guided Solutions


  • Built a working roadmap to define corporate objectives, targets, and strategies.
  • Clarified services and relative strength compared to competitors.
  • Identified 3-5 Critical Success Factors and action steps to implement.
  • Helped ensure implementation of roadmap and transition plan.
  • Reviewed current & future Organizational charts to assess current & future roles.
  • Provided clarity in role, authority and responsibility for key members of leadership team.


  • Utilized assessment tools to identify competencies and gaps enabling the development of tailored leadership and skills development plans.
  • Designed and implemented a path for individuals to grow and take on more responsibility.
  • Offered One-on-One coaching for high potential individuals to become stronger managers, leaders and producers.
  • Provided Team Leadership Development to bring next-generation leadership together as a functioning team.


  • Roadmap completed with clear and focused objectives; plan debriefed and distributed to leadership team.
  • Identified Strategic Plan Ambassadors to implement plan; developed accountability process and communication plan for all employees.
  • Organization is more aligned and cohesive, producing effective efficient processes.
  • One-on-one coaching with former owner of acquired business raised awareness and optimism leading to better communication, more tangible and positive outcomes, and higher productivity.
  • High potential individuals are developing business and leadership skills including: communication, conflict resolution, collaboration, delegation, time management, quality assurance, process improvement and most importantly, how to function as a highly effective and accountable team.
  • Owners are delegating so that their activities can provide the highest ROI to the company.
  • Owners are moving with purpose to ensure a successful transition while minimizing attrition and ensuring client retention.