Executive Coaching Can Clean Your Head Trash

by on Aug 12, 2020 9:28 AM

Executive Coaching Can Clean Your Head Trash

I struggle with Head Trash. I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that I am not the only business owner who struggles with this ailment. For those unfamiliar with the term, head trash is the negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions that can consume you about yourself and/or your business. These self-deprecating beliefs, which are false most of time or exaggerated at best, are so strong that you can be held back from making decisions and seeing the reality of a situation.

I’ve tried many self-cures throughout the years for my head trash including denial of its existence, downplaying its effects, making a joke out of it, and getting angry at myself. To my dismay, it continued to rear its ugly head.

The irony is not lost on me that my company Trilogy Partners offers Executive Coaching as a service to battle this nuisance. When clients come to me frustrated, overwhelmed, and stuck in the weeds of their stories, my inclination is to offer Executive Coaching for support. So why didn’t I initially engage with an Executive Coach to help me? I thought I could fix it alone. I was wrong.

Over a year ago I realized that I was not only holding myself back, but my company and team as well. Deep soul searching led me to admit that I needed to disinfect my head trash. I hired myself an Executive Coach and have been squeaky clean ever since (sort of).

The truth is that head trash will always continue to mount within me. What I’ve learned through Executive Coaching, among other insights, is that I have the power to face it head on and put it in its rightful place – the dumpster. When I slip back into old habits and allow it to consume me, my Executive Coach gently reminds me of the choices I have.

No matter what role you play in your organization, Executive Coaching helps. To all those who are struggling, are you ready to go to the dump? Start your journey here: https://gettrilogypartners.com/executive-coaching-advisory/

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