EOS® Integrator Recruiting

If your company practices EOS®, you understand the unique relationship between the Visionary and the Integrator.

EOS® Integrator Recruiting

By EOS® definition, an EOS® Integrator fuels an organization to take it to the next level. In harmony with the Visionary, the Integrator internally blends the major business functions and manages the day-to-day issues.

Are you seeking that leader who can:

  • Faithfully execute the business plan?
  • Integrate all major operating functions?
  • Lead, manage & hold the leadership team accountable?
  • Be responsible for the P&L results?
  • Ensure that everyone is following and adhering to core values & processes?
  • Create organizational clarity, communication, and consistency?
  • Remove obstacles and barriers to move the business forward?
  • See the real problems and resolve issues effectively?
  • Filter the Visionary’s ideas and translate ideas into functional plans?

If so, Trilogy Partners can help you find the right Integrator for your business.

We practice EOS® ourselves and have the expertise and tools to identify, recruit, and assess the rare combination of skills and traits that make a true Integrator.

Learn more about the critical Integrator role and begin your search.

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