A leading manufacturer & distributor of specialty ingredients for the cosmetic industry.


The company was successful and profitable however, the owner was not satisfied with the nature of his work. Through discovery, we learned that the root of the owner’s discontent was his lack of desire to deal with day-to-day issues and personnel. He wanted to focus on sales and product development. Also, the company was exploring an acquisition and the lengthy process was often overwhelming.


Trilogy Guided Solutions


  • Roadmap incorporating factors to allow the owner to do the work he most enjoyed and strengthen the company at the same time.
  •  Began transition conversation with owner and helped navigate a potential sale.


  •  Coached CFO to become COO to assume some of the owner’s responsibilities, allowing the owner to focus on sales and product development.


  • A stronger management team with a more focused and engaged owner.
  • Owner decided to sell the business; Trilogy helped sift through potential buyers ensuring that the owner’s personal, business and financial goals were considered.
  • With Trilogy’s guidance, transition of the business was seamless for all parties including legacy and new management.
  • Through Trilogy’s support, owner successfully sold business at maximized value.