Janitorial & Building Maintenance

Janitorial and building maintenance company delivering professional services supported by stringent quality control practices, time-tested processes, tracking and oversight.


The owner admits that he was an accidental entrepreneur, originally purchasing the business because he wanted to be his own boss. He realized quickly that he lacked the knowledge and skills to lead and grow the company. His family-owned business had no infrastructure and no one internally to run the operations. One of his children expressed interest in running the business to ultimately assume ownership however, his current role was not defined, and he did not yet possess management and leadership skills. Issues with a lack of financial data, accountability, communication and trust distracted the owner’s focus from scaling the business hampering his goal to transition and ultimately, retire.

Trilogy Guided Solutions


  • Helped owner and his team to understand the balance sheet and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Offered guidance with job costing, focusing on labor costs and gross proft.
  • Utilized benchmarking to measure performance.
  • Assisted the Controller to provide clear and timely budgets along with meaningful financial reports.
  • Reviewed financials in a consistent, timely manner and took action to improve unfavorable variances.


  • Created current and future organizational charts to gain a clear picture of the leadership needed to scale the business.
  • Hired an Integrator (COO) to align business processes and help with the day-to-day management.
  • Implemented the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) for more consistency, greater accountability, and robust growth.
  • Delivered a written plan for transition, client retention and transfer of responsibilities to minimize the disruption when the owner retires or steps into a new role.


  • Identified gaps in management, recruiting, onboarding and training for the next generation of leadership.
  • Trilogy executive coaching for the owner to improve management and communication skills.
  • Defined son’s role; began Trilogy coaching to gain the necessary skills to run the business.
  • Once infrastructure was in place, engaged Trilogy to support molding a more professional culture.


  • Business  grew both organically (new services) and geographically.
  • Organization tripled revenue in 4 years with a goal to double in size in the next 5 years.
  • Cash flow improved, and company is growing with higher margins and net profit.
  • The Integrator and the Operations Manager have taken tasks off the owner’s plate, allowing the owner to step back from daily operations.
  • Son is thriving in his new, defined role and is developing critical leadership and management skills.
  • Leadership team is unified by the understanding that a more accountable, professional organization and a culture of communication, healthy conflict and trust will result in a prospering, sustainable organization.