Sales and Marketing

A Wake-Up Call About Selling

Sometimes we make business far harder than it is.  We over-think our strategy, complicate our product line, and worry too much about our staff.  These are all important issues to be sure, but they pale in significance to the one area of business that contributes most to success: Time spent daily on SALES. Sales should be the absolute center of what your company does every single day.  Ignore it at your peril.  As the founder of IBM, Thomas Watson once remarked, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” I have mentored many business owners and when I see a business not performing, it’s primarily because they are not spending enough hours in the day on the sales process.  Specifically, they are not refining how they sell and aren’t getting out there […]

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Nine Quick Questions to Knowing Your Own Brand Perception

Do you deliver or sit through an Annual Review in your job? Usually, this process provides a barometer in how you are performing and what steps you can take to make improvements or enhance your skills and value. The same can be said when it comes to your personal brand. We can easily convince ourselves that we KNOW exactly how we project ourselves and exactly what others perceive. Do you? Really?  Maybe this quick 9-question review can help you fine-tune the brand called YOU.

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