Rate of Change

Getting Stuck on the Flagpole

we’ve always done it this way

Addressing the “But we’ve always done it this way” mentality can be difficult, especially when employees are well trained to follow a specific business process.   One of my favorite movies to watch during the holiday season is “A Christmas Story” about a young boy’s experience growing up in the 1940’s. The most memorable moment of the film for me is when, during recess in the schoolyard, Ralphie & his friends “triple-dog-dare” classmate Flick to stick his tongue on a frozen flagpole. Guess what happens next? Just as Flick realizes that he’s stuck, the recess bell rings. Frantically, Flick calls for help as he sees his cohorts fleeing the yard. Ralphie turns to Flick, shrugs his shoulders, responds in a serious tone, “But the bell rang!” and then trudges back […]

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What’s the “Real” Business Challenge?

What holds a business back? Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see even successful companies struggle to grow. When working with Trilogy clients, challenges typically surface in the following categories: Fundamental business issues Culture of the organization Attitude towards change Let’s explore each of these critical areas in more detail: 1. Fundamental business issues can be defined in two categories: Growth: Strategy, Sales/Marketing and Organizational Sustainability: People, Financial and Processes Examine the company and ask the following questions: Is there a clear, concise written strategic plan that is aligned by all members of the team? Are marketing and sales efforts being tracked, measured and getting consistent results? Is there a current and future organizational chart outlining expectations, gaps and opportunities for advancement? Is recruiting, training, onboarding, and compensation putting the right […]

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The Real Secret to Success for Business Owners

Our experience has shown that the three most common areas that business owners need to address to fulfill their vision and ensure success for their company are: Fundamental Business Disciplines Human Behavioral Dynamics Change We have found that many business owners do not focus on all three areas which can lead to inefficiencies, culture issues, and stagnation within the business.  Understanding and directing efforts in these areas make for a more robust, holistic organization that can better adapt to challenges. Let’s take a look at each. Fundamental Business Disciplines reflect the objective side of business such as winning new customers, manufacturing products, creating processes, etc. and can be expressed in the following categories: Growth: Strategy, Sales/Marketing and Organizational Sustainability: People, Financial and Processes Human Behavioral Dynamics are the emotional and subjective aspects […]

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It’s About Change!

An excerpt from Breathe, Think, Lead by Ted Federici is available at Amazon.  Federici is the Principal at Federici Coaching and is a Trilogy Alliance Partner.

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