Maximize your Business Value

I enjoy working with Trilogy clients, helping them to better understand their financials to set strategy and drive growth. But what happens when owners want to exit the business? How can they ensure that they get the highest value for the business they’ve dedicated their life to build? As you may know, the industry standard valuation method is a multiple of a organization’s Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA). The objective of a company in the short-term is to maximize EBITDA any way possible, to improve its value. However, depending on your industry or business model, one may have to decide if EBITDA is the best strategy to value your business as demonstrated by these two examples: First, let’s look at MakeStuff, LLC, a manufacturing company that has […]

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Negotiation Do’s for Positive Results

Your ability to negotiate in business and in life often determines how successful you can be. Successful negotiation means keeping a relationship intact while creating a better deal for yourself and providing satisfaction to the other party. The goal of partnership negotiation is to find workable (not perfect) solutions that are mutually satisfactory to both parties and can be sustained over time. Reaching the lucrative “yes” requires you to navigate strategic approaches while dealing with a wide range of demands advanced by the other party. There are plenty of resources that teach us how to negotiate, and there are many opportunities to do so, such as negotiating a short or long term contract from a single source supplier or negotiating with employees. The following are “Negotiation Do’s” for you to […]

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