Human Resources

In Sickness & In Health

does your business function in your absence?

How does your business function in your absence? In March 2019, I came down with a debilitating health issue. Due to the severity of the illness, I was not able to work full time and missed many days with doctors’ appointments. Even when I was physically able to make it into the office, I did not have the stamina nor energy to put in a full day’s work. I know that my productivity and effectiveness were compromised as a result. As the Integrator at Trilogy Partners, by definition my role is to be the glue that holds people, processes, systems, priorities and the strategy of the company together. You can imagine how terrible I felt knowing that I couldn’t perform to my standard; I felt like I was letting my […]

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School Smarts + Street Smarts = Success

When working with Trilogy clients, I often tell them the story of Mitch and Jack, two high school friends with contrasting personalities.  Mitch was a loner, a straight-A student who always completed the extra credit homework and was essentially the pompous, go-to answer man when the rest of us stared back at Mr. Carmen with dazed expressions. Jack, on the other hand, was a good student who finished his homework during lunch, right before class.  He often showed up a few minutes late, usually detained by friends seeking his brotherly advice. Jack was a very good listener and involved in many school and community activities. Many years after graduation, I saw both men at a high school reunion.  I found it fascinating to learn how their lives had evolved. Mitch […]

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Happy People are Better Leaders – Some Proven Tips to Improve Your Happiness Factor

Have you ever worked with someone that seems genuinely happy? A person that others gravitate to because of their positivity? At Trilogy Partners, not only do we address business fundamentals, we also tackle behavioral and cultural issues and have witnessed first-hand the impact of positive psychology in the workplace. What is positive psychology? It is the scientific study of “what makes life worth living”, empowering individuals to purposely develop an optimistic state of mind to live a rewarding and happy life. Working on how to become happier, the research suggests, will not only make a person feel better but also boosts energy and creativity, fosters better relationships, fuels higher productivity, improves the immune system and even leads to a longer life. Data shows that happy people are better leaders, negotiators, […]

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Driving Accountability in Your Business

One of the most common concerns raised by business leaders is the desire to strengthen accountability in their organization.  When Trilogy Partners examines this concern with them, we often discover that each business owner has his or her own definition of accountability, and they all have very different views on what accountability looks like.  Let’s take a closer look at what the term means and the leadership behaviors you can focus on to strengthen accountability. We define accountability as accepting responsibility; disclosing results in a transparent manner; being candid about your actions and the actions of others.  We recognize that defining the term is much easier than bringing it to life inside an organization.  The place to start is to look in the mirror.  Are you creating a team environment […]

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