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Outsourced Bookkeeping – Taking the Plunge

Outsourced Bookkeeping

I’m often asked by my clients when they should take the plunge and outsource their bookkeeping. Since Outsourced Bookkeeping is a service Trilogy Partners offers, my answer sometimes surprises them. I tell them to do it only when it feels right. There are many advantages to outsourcing bookkeeping such as lowered costs, time savings, maintaining privacy, no training required, better financial reporting, etc. Finding a company that does bookkeeping with controller oversight also provides peace of mind that higher level tasks such tax and audit preparation are done accurately and expeditiously. There are perceived disadvantages too. With good reason, business owners may not want to let a trusted bookkeeping employee go if the role is made redundant. Also, most outsourced bookkeepers are virtual which obviously means no on-site presence. This […]

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What Should You Do with Excess Profits?

What Should You Do with Excess Profits

What should you do with excess profits? It’s a great problem to have but it can also be difficult to navigate. Imagine your business is pushing out excess profits (business owners often dream of such times). What should you do now that you find yourself with a robust bottom line? Here’s 3 Suggestions for What Should You Do with Excess Profits 1. Place one-third aside for your owners or shareholders as a return on their investment. Make sure you include yourself in order to establish personal financial independence and stability. 2. Keep one-third with the company for future investment. Make sure you properly capitalize the business areas that need attention and will produce results. 3. Put the last third into an employee profit sharing pool. Your people are your greatest […]

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Anything for a Buck

Entrepreneur: a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risk. So how does Trilogy Partners help manage potential risk? We help owners fully understand the financial story of their business including the danger of “Anything for a Buck”. It starts with an idea, for a product or service that you can do better than anyone else. This idea will make you more money than you’re earning now PLUS, you make the rules and set your schedule. So, you make the leap. You buy the domain, create a website, and hang out your shingle. You are open for business. The phone rings! It’s a friend who needs X. Now X isn’t exactly what you do but after a brief conversation, you accept the […]

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Revealing the Treasures in Your Accounting Records

Every business owner has access to a treasure chest that many are afraid to open.  Occasionally, their accountant shows up, opens the chest and tells you how much to send to the IRS…followed by an invoice for their work.  You may never even look at the paper work, the system or the checkbook…you’re focused on keeping your business busy and your clients happy.

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