Sales and Workflow Dashboards Improve Processes and Accountability

Sales and Workflow Dashboards

Sales and workflow dashboards are a great way to keep employees on task while providing real time insights for management. That’s why I can’t believe I am admitting this, but I only recently created a sales dashboard for my company. Sales and workflow dashboards are a collection of data that provide an overview of the reports and metrics that you care most about. Don’t get me wrong, we use an EOS® Scorecard with metrics which we review each week. However, customizing a dashboard from the data in our project management tool has been a real game changer for us. We now can review in one place information such as:  # of leads in the sales pipeline  Source of leads (Referrals, Marketing, etc.)  Revenue generated YTD  # of current engagements […]

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What’s the “Real” Business Challenge?

What holds a business back? Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see even successful companies struggle to grow. When working with Trilogy clients, challenges typically surface in the following categories: Fundamental business issues Culture of the organization Attitude towards change Let’s explore each of these critical areas in more detail: 1. Fundamental business issues can be defined in two categories: Growth: Strategy, Sales/Marketing and Organizational Sustainability: People, Financial and Processes Examine the company and ask the following questions: Is there a clear, concise written strategic plan that is aligned by all members of the team? Are marketing and sales efforts being tracked, measured and getting consistent results? Is there a current and future organizational chart outlining expectations, gaps and opportunities for advancement? Is recruiting, training, onboarding, and compensation putting the right […]

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Navigating your Family Business from Conflict to Accomplishment

When working with family members in business with one another, something reveals itself over and over – the ties that bind also serve as stress points for potential unraveling.  With expertise in group and family dynamics, conflict management, and behavioral science, I am often asked to provide consultation and coaching to Trilogy clients with family-owned businesses who recognize that “things could be better” from both business and personal perspectives.  Does your family experience any of these issues causing conflict and misunderstanding? Decisions about the future direction of the business. Differences in leadership styles, practices, and core business values. Permitting undesirable and potentially destructive workplace behaviors to (erroneously) maintain harmony. Differences in performance and time commitment. Compensation of those actively vs. passively involved in the business. Fairness, equity and expectations around […]

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What You Said is Not what I Heard

Has this ever happened to you? You are speaking with someone and their response is not at all what you expected based on what you said.  At least, what you thought you said! At Trilogy Partners, we frequently hear this frustration from business owners which prompts the question, do you communicate effectively? Communication is complicated all by itself. Imagine how complicated communication gets when we mix different cultural understandings, gender-speak, frustration, unhappiness, underlying tensions, and the pressure of expectations and deadlines. It’s amazing we get anything right with all the challenges of effective communication and these are just some of the barriers we face! Communication ‘gaps’ create unexpected challenges – an example: Recently, I facilitated a training class attended by leaders of a multinational company. Suddenly, there was a big […]

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