Batter Up! Hitting for Wins in Business

by on Jul 21, 2020 12:27 PM

Hitting for Wins in Business

As we excitedly anticipate the late start of Major League baseball, I’m reminded of my days playing as a boy.  No matter what team I was on or what the score was, when it was my turn at bat I always aimed for a homerun.  In my young mind, hitting a homer was the pinnacle of success.

The average number of home run hits in a major league game in 2018 was 1.13.

Obviously, hitting a home run at each bat is nearly impossible. So why do so many entrepreneurs, like me, consistently vie for the home run in business? You know what I mean; trying to land an improbable account that will quadruple revenue, seeking that one superstar who could take your company to the next level, or counting on undeveloped technology that will transform the business. Don’t get me wrong, aspirations like these are healthy and needed. What’s also needed are singles.

Singles made up 63% of total hits in major league baseball in 2018.

A die-hard Phillies fan, Trilogy’s Integrator Andrea Grubb (pictured here) makes the case that like him or not, Pete Rose holds the record for most career hits with 4,256. Of those, 3,215 were singles while only 160 were home runs. He finished his 23-year career with a .303 batting average. Is he not one of the greatest to ever play the game?

Focusing all your energy on the big hits increases your chances of striking out, leaving you and your business with nothing to show. It may feel energizing to go after, but the cost to your business may be far too great.

As we reflect on the past 4 months, many of us recognize that one or more homeruns might not be in our near future but find comfort in knowing that a series of base hits, when pieced together, can create solid momentum for our business. Although not as exciting, hitting singles such as targeting your market, taking on safe accounts, developing talent in house, and allowing leads to naturally develop scores runs over time.

My advice is to strive for a combination of big and small hits in the game of business. You’re likely to win with both. I’d love to hear your thoughts:

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