A Rosy View of Business

by on Mar 4, 2019 11:08 AM

One day many summers ago, the founder of Trilogy Partners, Hal Levenson, brought a bunch of varied colored roses from his garden into our office.  Sitting in a bucket, the unshorn flowers were wild with bits of soil clinging to them.  Instinctively, I grabbed the roses from the bucket and started cleaning them, taking off the thorns, disposing of dead leaves and neatly assembling them into separate vases.  I thought of our team members as I constructed each display.  Who would like the tall vase? Who would appreciate yellow roses instead of red?  Once completed, I distributed each bouquet and after an initial sense of gratitude, I noticed that each team member coveted the arrangement by showcasing it in a perfect spot.  As days passed, I witnessed people filling their vases with extra water and repositioning the flowers to ensure proper light.  Each summer, we repeat this ritual much to everyone’s enjoyment.

You may wonder, how does this story relate to business?

I recently realized that this practice is a metaphor for the organizational structure we have at Trilogy and what we advocate to our clients.  Hal’s role as the Visionary of the company is to provide many raw and creative ideas that will help enhance the business.  The Visionary offers the bucket of roses. These ideas need to be objectively assessed and thoroughly groomed by someone other than the Visionary which is where I come in as the Integrator.  The Integrator sorts through the roses & comes up with a plan for use.  After the ideas are developed and ready for execution, our team members, based on their skills and roles, are responsible for the continuous cultivation and management of the processes while guaranteeing quality and value.  The Executives/Directors/Managers and their support teams are accountable for the sustainability of the flowers.

Each person has a vital role to play in a company.  At Trilogy, we’ve seen that the trick for gaining the best results or traction for companies begins with having the right people in the right seats contributing based upon their unique talents and skill sets.  It sounds simple but you’d be amazed at how many businesses get stuck because of ineffective organizational structure.

Does your company have the right people providing, arranging and taking care of the roses?  If not, reach out to me at agrubb@gettrilogypartners.com.  Trilogy can help you identify the right people and structure your organization for maximum results.