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Trilogy Partners Celebrates 10th Anniversary

by on Feb 15, 2019 12:13 PM

February 15, 2019

Yardley, PA –Trilogy Partners, LLC reaches a milestone this February, celebrating 10 years of business. The company grew from an idea of Founder/CVO, Hal Levenson, to form a team of trusted advisors who could help entrepreneurs achieve their vision by focusing on three critical areas: Financial, Strategy and People. To celebrate, Trilogy Partners will host an open house in the Spring to thank clients, friends, and business partners.

“It gives me great pride in joining the Trilogy team to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary. We have come a long way since the business was started in 2009 and are very excited about our future and our initiatives,” said Levenson.

Trilogy Partners readied itself for growth by working closely with business leaders to diagnose, develop and implement custom plans to help companies level up and grow beyond their previous limits. Trilogy’s solutions, based on customers’ specific needs, has helped the company to continually grow over the past 10 years and offers promise for future growth.

About Trilogy Partners
A business advisory and implementation firm, Trilogy Partners provides business leaders with the information, tools and resources they need to improve oversight and optimize outcomes. Clients include professional services, engineering, manufacturing, wholesale distributors, and insurance companies. For more information, please visit 

Trilogy Partners – A 10 Year Journey

by on Feb 5, 2019 12:15 PM

As a CPA, people often ask me why I started Trilogy Partners.  I enjoyed my career but deep inside, I knew that I wanted a different path, one that would allow me to be more consultative, collaborative and capitalize on my tendency to look at things differently.

Being an entrepreneur and working with entrepreneurs, I recognized that business owners look to the future, search for opportunities and sometimes ignore potential pitfalls.  Also, many business owners are visionaries and excel at their trade but are not strong at implementation and managing people or processes. My idea was to solve this disconnect and form a team of trusted advisors who could help entrepreneurs implement their vision, create new opportunities for their employees and pay it forward to other entrepreneurs.

In the beginning, I made mistakes ranging from the structure of the organization, to unrealistic expectations, lack of processes and focus.  I was often frustrated, and even thought I would fail.  Because of my support system, the people who really cared about me and believed in Trilogy, I was able to push forward.  As the years progressed, I realized that I had to let go, not micro-manage and release control.  As a result, we implemented EOS®, identified a new strategy and hired terrific employees.  Ultimately, I found the right integrator who is a confidante and someone I trust to run the business.

Why do I still love Trilogy Partners? Trilogy has had a major impact for so many.  Our clients have seen greater financial results, better corporate culture and strength in leadership.  Our network of Alliance Partners has created something special where we have subject matter expertise, common values and a collaborative team who want to make a positive difference.

As we celebrate our 10th year, I’m excited about the initiatives we will be undertaking.  Just like our clients, we will face challenges but with the right strategy, processes, financial aptitude and people, I am hopeful for what’s ahead. We look forward to sharing Trilogy’s redefined services in the upcoming months and thank you for the support you have shown on this journey. The best is yet to come.