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Trilogy’s mission is to help entrepreneurs implement their vision and make their companies more sustainable, resulting in financial freedom.  We believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship knowing that small to mid-sized businesses support our communities and will pay it forward.  We also believe in collaboration, so we built a team of qualified and committed industry professionals, known as Alliance Partners, to ensure that our clients are not alone in their efforts.

Our Alliance Partners give you practical guidance in Financials, Operations, Strategic Planning, Executive & Leadership Coaching, EOS® Implementation and Integrator Recruiting. We deliver high-touch personal service to align your vision, values, financial goals, strategy and people to take your organization to the next level. We are an extension of your staff in times when you need us the most.

We work with a wide range of companies, including engineering, construction, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, packaging, commercial cleaning, insurance, printing, food & beverage, professional services, and healthcare in Philadelphia, New Jersey and greater New York City. Our focus is on privately held, for-profit organizations with revenue between $5M & $150M.

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We help you manage by the numbers offering Outsourced Bookkeeping and Fractional CFOs.


Trilogy Partners helps you implement a roadmap for your business to differentiate your services, mitigate risk, drive revenue, increase profitability and accelerate growth.


Trilogy Partners helps owners and executive leadership create accountable teams that achieve powerful results.

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Success Stories

A privately held, multi-generation, family-owned insurance agency serving individuals and organizations for over 50 years. Background The company is growing and engaged Trilogy Partners to address three

A full service visual marketing company specializing in luxury retail graphics, custom displays, event spaces, exhibitions...

Established firm committed to providing innovative solutions to corporations, government agencies...


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I’m a control freak. This comes to no surprise to the many people I have worked with throughout the years. I like making decisions and guiding my own destiny. It’s one of the reasons why I started my first business at the age of 27 and continue to be an entrepreneur. So, can you imagine how difficult the uncertainty of Covid-19 is for me? If you run a business, I’m sure you can relate. Many business owners, even those who are not fully self-aware, admit to possessing this characteristic. Actually,...

We thank the following professionals for providing guidance during this unprecedented time as subject matter experts on our weekly Town Hall calls. If your company needs a financial or legal resource, you can feel confident reaching out to any one of our trusted resources (listed alphabetically): Accounting & Advisory Haefele & Flanagan CPAs & Advisors Jim Haefele, Partner: PragerMetis CPAs Rich Feld, Partner: Princeton Financial Group Jim...

Since mid-March, all our lives and companies have been affected by COVID19. The change was quick and disruptive, resulting in varying levels of anxiety. This is particularly daunting for business owners and management who are expected to be a steady light through uncertainty. On this week’s Town Hall call, Trilogy Alliance Partners, Dr. Marc Celentana and Bill Ehrhardt, led an insightful discussion on how to be a more effective, focused, and empathetic leader during stressful times. Q & A: How...